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Real hair extensions in USA as simple it sounds are difficult to find, especially when real human hair extensions is the issue.  Truly real hair extensions are available at the Rodolfo Valentin Hair Extension Salons for real human hair extensions, worldwide known as the best real hair extensions NYC Salon, where every single hair is mostly from European countries.
The fact is that when extensions are made from manufacturers that are in the hair extension wholesale field, producing them in huge amounts to be distributing to salons all over the world, it is impossible for them to use European hair since it is tremendously challenging to get them in the big amounts they may need. Here is where the quality of the best human hair extensions is missing, as everything else that is done in huge amounts, bigger is the amount of production, it is also smaller is the chance of having a quality real extensions hair product. Even if their wholesale extensions product can be named real human hair extensions, it cannot be classified as top quality real extensions hair that are available at the great hair extensions salons.

Real Human Hair Extensions

As the “caviar” can only be called caviar when it is from sturgeon Eggs, real human hair extensions of top value can only be obtained from European Hair, when the point is to match the hair texture of European descendants. Using other types of hair is without a glitch, the most suitable to use when the recipients are from Asia. At our real hair extensions NYC salons in New York City, New York, NYC or Long Island NY, only European hair is used in all our hair addition products including wigs, lace wigs, top pieces, hair pieces, or hair extensions.
Real Extensions Hair
Why it is possible for us to use the top superiority product of having the best human hair extensions from Europe? Basically because our products are handmade, custom made in premises including the hair color of the product, mainly reason why in opposition to most hair extensions salons we don’t pullout a ring of hair color to choose from, the hair color is custom made to each customer specifications. Our hair products are made from hair that has not been chemically treated main reason why we are in the position of offer the world with the best human hair extensions in the industry. Why we don’t have any other hair extension salon that we can call “competitor”, because our product are not available to them.  We are a huge competitor to them, but they are not competitors for us! Our products are custom made right in location where anyone can see while they are being done.
Real Hair Extensions Prices
Prices in the additions for hair can go from very low to very high, of course quality matching. The most expensive are the ones made using European hair which is probably the most difficult tresses to get. Additions made with this type of hair are in the expensive side what makes real hair extensions prices for European hair cost no less than two thousands and up. Why we have access to obtain European hair? , because we don’t sell to others and we only produce custom made products exclusively done for our clientele. The amount of hair we need is significant but no huge as the wholesale companies need, and it is not difficult for us to find it through our contacts in most countries in Europe. These are the reason why our hair extensions salons are worldwide famous hair salons for offering a quality of products that nobody else can offer in New York, Long Island, or in the entire world.
These are the only salons where to get the top quality of real hair extensions in USA.
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