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Natural Hair Extensions

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Natural Extensions
Natural Extensions

Natural Extensions are the only hair addition offered at the natural hair extensions NYC Salon, or at the Long Island salons of Rodolfo Valentin. Natural hair extensions prices at Rodolfo Valentin Salons are no inexpensive, reason why ever trust when a salon is proposing natural extensions with lower cost, specifically when they are using the best natural hair extensions techniques available only at these the best hair extensions salons NYC. If that is the case, natural hair extensions prices can never be in the low side but still considerably affordable, especially at the natural hair extensions NYC or Long Island Extensions salons of Rodolfo Valentin,  the frontrunner in the best natural hair extensions NYC or natural extensions in Long Island for reasonable natural extensions prices.


Natural Hair Extensions Techniques | Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC

Rodolfo Valentin only uses in their manual labor, 100% Human hair which is also 100% Remy hair of the best of the best in class. At our natural hair extensions Salons, full hand crafted extensions are offered that are in effect of an unsurpassed and outstanding quality, no offered by any other hair extension salon in the world.  Our hair extension is custom-built by our capable manual workers in place that are producing these unmatched manually hewed hair extensions for a satisfied way to rise the amount of  hair, add length or together to the hair of women or men. By the use of Rodolfo Valentin hand crafted hair extensions every folks can realize a wonderful look and appearance like a celeb.


Natural Hair Extensions Reviews

As seen in the natural hair extensions reviews, Rodolfo Valentin are worldwide famous as the best hair extensions salons with locations in New York, NY, NYC plus Long Island NY named the best salon for hair extensions on Long Island, and the specific answer to anyone wondering where the Park Avenue ladies, socialites, top models, celebrities plus royalty are having their hair additions including wigs, laced wigs, ponytails, or all kind of hair pieces.  As everything else is life, dishonest proclamations are proliferating in the hair business industry today, avoid being a victim of scam before to commit to at any hair extension salon, you can not only loss your money but also your hair. Our quality and dedication from the past 30 years in business made us the winners of the “Customer Satisfaction” award with a large extremely devoted clientele in the New York, NY, NYC,  New Jersey, NJ, Connecticut, CT areas residing in Manhattan, Queens,  Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, Long Island including periodically visitors from Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles and Europe.


Natural Human Hair Extensions

Extensions are very widespread amongst Hollywood celebrities since they can absolutely change the look as seen in Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham or Vanessa Hudgens who thanks to the use of extensions have make them to reach an unquestionably spectacular look as well as Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. Their hair extensions are easily available at our salons because most of the celebrities themselves are our clients!

Once again as a world of advice, avoid to be cheated as hundreds of people already have been, and please leave Rodolfo Valentin extensions salons to be the last place to stopover after you have already visited them all before to settled for hair extensions. Our 30+ years of experience and the world of mouth from our local and international supporters will show you that we are the only hair extensions salons to trust for natural human hair extensions.

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