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Best Extensions in NYC Salon
Best Extensions in NYC Salon

Extensions Human Hair

Human Hair Extensions Hair Salons Hair Extension Human Hair

Hair Extensions Hair Salons

We are the #1 human hair extensions hair salons for providing hair extension human hair of best quality. Whichever of our salons hair extensions you choose Allure Awaits for you. If you are you drained of wasting your money on cheap hair extensions that not only shed but tangle and damage your hair, here we are to help you with the best quality of human tresses using only the safest technique. We are the most trustworthy experts with a large experience since the very first addition for hair showed up in the industry!  We will surpass your expectations.

Human Hair Extensions Hair Salons

We are the only salons that can offer luxury plus high quality 100% human hair extensions combined  of incomparable prettiness that have been designed with the discriminating consumers  on mind. Our legendary high quality and knowledge sets us apart from other businesses.  Our additions are worldwide named as the crème de la crème only done at our human hair extensions salons. Be confident you are getting the premium on the market.

Hair Extension Human Hair

We only use in our hair extension human hair of superb quality the very finest virgin hair with full cuticles that has not been chemically removed to make sure of the tresses full natural appearance.  This results in the most gorgeous, large life Remy hair extension human hair that will never bring  any wonders or dissatisfaction.

Extensions Hair salons

Our extensions hair salons bring peace of mind for its quality guarantee in all our hair loss, hair replacement or hair enhancement products. All our customers are assured of knowing that our products are not assorted or merged with artificial or fake low quality hair. We were the producers of the very first hair extensions 35 years ago back then focusing in hair enhancement and replacement.

Hair Salons Hair Extensions

Our hair salons hair extensions are worldwide renowned as the world’s best hair extensions salons. We are located in the soul of New York City and Long Island covering a vast area that makes it accessible to patrons from New Jersey, NJ, Connecticut, CT, even Philadelphia or Boston.  Long Islanders love our fabulous location in the South Shore of Nassau County, not only for the top hair services we provide but also for the ultra-luxurious facilities which are probably the most beautiful salon spa in the region.
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Extension Human Hair
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