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Best Extensions in NYC Salon
Best Extensions in NYC Salon

Brazilian Extensions

Brazilian Hair Extensions in New York | Brazilian Hair Extensions in USA

Brazilian extensions
Brazilian Extensions

Brazilian Hair Extensions in USA use the finest quality premium human hair available from Brazil that has made us to be the best place to have Brazilian hair extensions in New York.  Thanks to our Parker partner in Rio de Janeiro, our source provides absolutely the most reliable Brazilian hair extensions care, making sure that every single mane has been acquired from one contributor, to then strictly follow the traditional procedures in order to have a Remy hair product which means that all cuticles are kept intact in order to avoid hair to tangle, preserving its purest form. the word "Brazilian" next to the word "extension" is the name for any hair extension method that uses hair from Brazil since it is the most type of hair appropriate for wavy or curly extensions. Brazilian extensions prices are very similar to the additions made using European hair.


Brazilian Hair Extensions Salon


Rodolfo Valentin famous Brazilian Hair Extensions Salon in New York or Long Island are  the best Brazilian hair extensions in USA, offering top quality of hair extensions Brazilian that are handpicked from different areas of Brazil. The Northern regions in the Brazilian Country is where the most wavy or curly hair can be found very similar to African texture, while the most relaxed very close to European texture are most easily encountered in the South zones near Argentina.
Brazilian Hair Extensions Care

With the damage caused by standard hair additions, starting with entrepreneurs to Hollywood’s stars, customers are demanding high value products.  We know our patrons want long-term beautiful human hair and Brazilian hair extensions care is an easy task to benefit from.   Our famous hair infusion extensions are available in all types of hair textures from European, to Indian, Chinese or Asiatic, we are them ready to match the customer ethnics or preferences and our famous hair extension salons are the one to get Brazilian hair extensions in New York. With the help of “Parker” Brazilian Hair Infusions are enabling us to give immediate access to offer gorgeous Brazilian hair extensions in New York at an amazingly realistic value that give us the possibility of bringing to our clientele the finest quality of 100% human hair Brazilian products in the industry.
Brazilian Hair Extensions in New York
By preserving its original, natural state, the Brazilian hair used in our hair infusion extensions provides de option of having it in curly or wavy textures. Since they are from its natural precedence, they provide the freedom of style them together as the natural hair using all the elements that the customer likes most including scissors or blowers or even the option of changing the color shade. Brazilian hair extensions care, are just requiring the same simply care as our famous hair infusion extensions does. Our Salons are well known as the best Brazilian Hair Extensions US for hair extensions Brazilian.
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