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Best Extensions NYC Salon
best extensions in NYC
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Best Extensions New York City
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Best Extensions in NYC at the Hair Extension in NYC

Best Extensions NYC Salon

Named Best Extensions in NYC of  New York Hair Extensions Salons


This is an excellent review recognition received this morning from a thankful customer. We get lovely reviews like this almost daily from different sources but we do not show them to keep discretion towards our followers unless they authorized us to publish as this is the case. In this occasion we are sharing this appraisal of our services with every person at the client's invitation. Come into this link to get it and delight in it!
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions, at the New York Hair Extensions salons of Rodolfo Valentin, are the hair salons of the famous hair extensions expert with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience, with over 40 thousand faithful followers from around the world.

Best Extensions NYC is synonymous to the name Rodolfo Valentin, best extensions in NYC, known worldwide as the only hair extension in NYC salons where one can get the definitive answer to each hair augmentation question. It is easy for any man or woman to definitely find out that the best extensions NYC salons of Rodolfo Valentin can make available an undeniably invisible hair extension in NYC, purposely made to increase volume to their hair especially when thinning hair or fine texture is the problem. Rodolfo Valentin Salons for hair extension in NYC or Long Island hair extensions locations cater to all residents in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Long Island areas.

Best Extensions in NYC

If stress is the reason of having short or even too-short hair that it is very slow to grow, the best extensions NYC salons can add dimension of any degree taking into consideration the customer's anguish for having hair loss or broken tresses.

Rodolfo Valentin's famous hair extension in NYC or Long Island is internationally famous for its accuracy and stable presence as the best extensions of New York for each person seeking for harmless additions that are definitely hard to get.

The best extensions NYC ready at our salons for hair extensions in NYC are exclusive additions that are in fact tailor-made by our in-location technicians closely supervised by Rodolfo Valentin. These are the unmatched best extensions in NYC or Long Island, a professional approach to add length or desired volume to the hair of every man or woman regardless of age.

At Rodolfo Valentin salons for hair extensions in NYC or Long Island, we guaranteed to our clientage that they are having the finest extensions in NYC and be the envy of celebrities.
Hair Infusion Extensions, the most famous hair method of adding hair n the world, is the result of the artistic creativity of the hair stylist to the stars, Rodolfo Valentin. 

He involves during the making of the product processes, the open participation of our famous hair colorist group who are making use of their talent and vast knowledge in the coloring field. This is the reason our famous hair colorist's are most esteemed by their peers in this field. Rodolfo Valentin's hair colorist's group can boast of their enormous understanding about color.
So much talent clearly reflected on the making of the picture-perfect extension of hair by adding the impeccable shades in the extension. The result is a perfect hair extension that effortlessly delivers hair texture and complementing their skin color.

Famous Hair Extension in NYC

Either the customer inclination is to have extra hair, or have precise requests for more hair to enhance the hair they now have, Rodolfo Valentin's extensions are the perfect choice. In the privacy of the Hair Boutique, is where this exceptional hair extension made with a carefully crafted technique. In order to match the customer's texture, only unadulterated Remy 100% human hair is use in the design for an all-inclusive combination of superb elements. Each element quality employed in the making of this fine product, is the only way to reach importance of merit for this advanced extension.

Rodolfo Valentin products are accessible to all patrons seeking hair extensions in NYC, hair extensions in NJ, New Jersey, extensions in CT, Connecticut, Philadelphia, or Long Island NY. Foreign clients who are coming to our salons are also fascinated for our worldwide famous extensions. Rodolfo Valentin can create an unsurpassed extension for their loyal clientage; they can also have excellent hair color for a versatile outcome of having a beholding stunning hair.

Hair Extension in NYC

Wherewithal: Best Extensions NYC Salons are found in the heart of Madison Avenue in New York City, New York, NYC and conveniently in the JFK Airport area of Long Island, where most Long Island important venues are available. Rodolfo Valentin hair salons in the NYC hair salons reviews are the only one enhancing natural beauty with custom extensions, natural extensions and handmade extensions; Rodolfo Valentin is the winner of the "Best Hair Extensions Salons" award. As a result, of the quality extensions they offer, they became known worldwide as the best "hair extension in NYC " salon.

Hair Extensions NYC Reviews

Vogue Magazine - Editor Amy Astley says:"Rodolfo Valentin a six foot three, flamboyant, leading hair designer… and no more burdene with modesty than his near-namesake, Rudolph valentino. His shoulder- length black hair goes awfully well with his black boots, black jeans, and black velvet shirt unbuttoned to the waist. "I do plastic surgery with hair", say Rodolfo whose business has doubled in the past year. As we speak, he is attaching twelve-inch-long strands of hair to a customer's head with keratin solution, strand by strand at a time, row on row. Rodolfo Valentin does it to the royalty in Europe, movie stars and he loves hair. He uses only real hair, every hair going the same way, root to end. When asking about using hair additions myself he answered that it will be an absolutely sophisticated look, and he is right about hair has never felt so pleased with itself. It moves fluidly, it shines, it has life of its own that just happens to conform perfectly with mine...

Worthy the journey as recorded by Allure Magazine in their "Town by Town" listing to the unsurpassed-  . Best salon and spa for hair extension, hair color or skin care. In addition to the clients who reside locally, Rodolfo Valentin Best Extensions NYC Salon also has a number of models and celebrities from Los Angeles on their clientele list. The most recent to visit their best extensions NYC salon was the top model Alisar Ailabouni, who purposely flew from Frankfurt to have her hair done for a photo shoot and a television program.
As seen in "The Indispensable Black Book" of W Magazine: "Rodolfo Valentin a Long Island based hair designer wiht a decidedly international approach….Extensions help make the visual leap from "regular woman" to something more eccentric. All manner of fake hair showed up on the runways. Clockwise from Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, and Carolina Herrera. Of course, hair theatrics are common place on the runways and red carpets, but will this look fly at your cousin's wedding?. Absolutely! insist Rodolfo Valentin, hair designer with a decidedly international approach. An Argentinian by birth, Rodolfo Valentin works exclusively with human hair that has not been chemically treated. Blond is imported straight from Sweden and darker hair from Spain and Italy. In addition to wigs, Rodolfo Valentin has also crafted an extensive collection of real-hair accesories such as headbands with handy built-in-tresses, clip-on bangs or pony tails.
As seen in Avenue Magazine “Beauty at Its Best". Famed hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin reflects on his success and winning the "Best Hair Extension Salon" award.  When Avenue Magazine asked: Why he thinks that his extensions have been recognized as the most famous hair extensions in the world today?, Rodolfo Valentin responded that his hair extensions have been recognized and respected worldwide as first and foremost, they are known for being the only hair extension to not cause any damage to the wearer’s natural hair. and that  truly appreciate the recognition from my clientele and deeply feel their love and admiration for my work. I have clients who travel to New York just for us- even from far locations such as Dubai, Mumbai, London, Paris and Rome.

For a limited time we are offering complimentary haircut by celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin and blow-dry  with our high qualified hair stylist with the purchase of any hair addition that includes hair extensions, wigs or hairpieces.

*Free of charge consultation with buying, if not $ 100 charge will be due. It can be used as a credit for any other services or products at every branch we have or can be put on to your next purchase. Credit coupon has not ending date.

We are receiving a lot of requests from other sites. Please understand that we do not honor  "PAID LINKS"  to be posted in our site- Please do not ask...we will only accept to add links from sites thar are providing  valuable information to our customers. Rodolfo Valentin, Best Hair Extension salons.

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